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Jakes thoughts after Meeting with the Russians

Jake met with the Russian Embassy this morning to harness his personal enterprise markets. His goal was to maximize bleeding-edge synergies and enhance front-end partnerships with the Russian federation. Unfortunately, they declined. hmmm oh well….at least he got this cool hat.

Upset Jake

Jake was disrupted today as his last nacho left the plate without his permission demoralizing his innovative consent. Beware for the future Mr Smellis may infact release bricks on the architect compelled enough to disrupt his mindshare. He may have and attitude as striking as friction but is not as common as his open-source bandwidth personality that will indeed smite you.

This is Mr. Jake (aka Jake Smellis)

We here are proud to represent Jakes Smellis as the international streamline collaborative BOSS if you will. He leverages critical proportions, harnesses user-centric mindshare, morphs 24/365 methodologies and monetizes granular systems. Talk about a real optimized killer person. He is the breast feeder of all that is human and possibly extraterrestrial. We will have to harness his robust ideals and deploy intuitive portals to keep up with him. This is his blog.